What is the Best Day To Exchange Currency?

What is the Best Day To Exchange Currency?

Obviously, people want the best rate when it comes to currency exchange and some people ask themself when is the best time...
US Presidential Election Result 2020

US Presidential Election impacts on Canada 2020

Canada and the United States share the longest unguarded border in the world. This is due to both countries not only being...
US Election and Impact on Canadians

Why this U.S. election is important

Up until the last U.S. election, U.S. elections were more a change of two parties, one that was a little to the...
Impact of Covid-19 on currencies, CAD and USD

Impacts of Covid-19 on currencies

The past few months have shown, not in a good way, how currencies can be impacted by external events. In this case,...
Travelling canceling chart

Travelling and Covid-19

As Covid-19 impacts our Canadian economy, the one industry that was completely ground to a halt was tourism. The effect was immediate,...

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