Impact of Covid-19 on currencies, CAD and USD

Impacts of Covid-19 on currencies

The past few months have shown, not in a good way, how currencies can be impacted by external events. In this case,...
Travelling canceling chart

Travelling and Covid-19

As Covid-19 impacts our Canadian economy, the one industry that was completely ground to a halt was tourism. The effect was immediate,...
covid-19 impact on oil

Impacts of Covid-19 on oil market

The initial onset of where oil prices were going after Covid-19 outbreak was easy, down. Oil markets as a whole were in...
Real Estate

Covid-19’s impact on Canadian Real Estate at the beginning

The doom and gloom predictions by analysts that Canada’s real estate market would implode due to Covid-19 seem to have vanished and...
imports and exports

Imports and Exports or the flow of international goods

A key component of importing and exporting is what will it cost to buy a product or what will I receive when...

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